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Time Off Tracking

The all-in-one platform for making time off requests, tracking PTO, and seeing trends.

time off tracking


Set up multiple work schedules for employees. Then, create an unlimited amount of time off categories and establish rules for how your staff will accrue that PTO.

time off tracking
time off tracking
time off tracking

Request Time Off Anywhere

DaysPlan is cloud-based, so employees can submit time off requests from any computer. Our mobile app makes requesting easy from anywhere.

Team Calendar Views

Easily create teams of employees so that your staff can see when other team members will be out of the office. Planning meetings and group work just got a lot easier.

time off tracking
time off tracking
time off tracking

Convenient Notifications

Time off requests, messages, and other notifications within DaysPlan also get sent to your email so you can always stay updated on requests and approvals.

Export Data

Easily create a custom spreadsheet of any employee’s time off data for outside use.

time off tracking
time off tracking


Track Employee Time Off

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