Make leave tracking a breeze

Keep track of used and accrued PTO, know who is out of the office, and get insights about employee time off use.

Time Off Requests

Employees can request days off from any computer or mobile device. Managers can review and respond to requests from anywhere. Easy peasy.


Create teams of employees so your staff can see when other team members will be out. Planning meetings just go way easier.


Stop spending countless hours tracking how much PTO employees have accrued and used. Set up rules and we’ll track everything for you.

Beautiful and
easy-to-use interface

Your employees’ time is valuable. That’s why we’ve created an interface that your staff will be able to learn and understand in no time…and they’ll love using it.


“This is exactly what we were looking for: an easy, simple web-based tool that is super user-friendly.”

Monique Foltinek



All businesses are different. That’s why we’ve given you full control over how DaysPlan operates.

Mobile App

Our apps for iPhone and Android let your employees make time off requests anywhere.

Incredible Support

Our amazing support team is here to fix your problems and answer your questions as quickly as possible.


International Date Formats means employees from anywhere in the world can easily use the software.


Keeping your employee and company data safe is a top priority for us. We make every effort to stay secure.

Easy Setup

We handle all importing of employee data, so getting your company set up is an incredibly easy process.

Ready to get started?

You’ll get 14 days free on our premium plan. After that, you’re welcome to sign up for a paid plan or continue on the free version.

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